These prehistoric dinosaur-like river dwellers come in their thousands in the stunning waterways that cut their way through The Luangwa National Park. You never really appreciate how many flat dogs take occupancy in our rivers until a creature’s life ends in the water. But, crocodiles are fantastic cleaners, they’re the Luangwa River’s natural disposal service. A hypothesis proved equitable when a deceased hippo lodged itself in front of chalet six at Kaingo. One day the hippo was there, the next , all that remained, were it’s fantastic canines.

Wonderful Wildlife Creepy Crocodiles

Zambia’s heavily armoured reptiles spend a great percentage of their day basking lazily in the sun. Come nightfall, these fearsome creatures partially submerge their 3-4 metre long bodies, leaving only their nostrils and eyes at the surface of the water.

Wonderful Wildlife Creepy Crocodiles

Crocodiles are ruthless hunters. Unable to eat underwater, they drown their prey before performing the infamous death roll. Their powerful jaws hold their victims while their bodies spin enabling them to tear away chunks in which are swallowed whole. These large deposits of meat and bones are then digested through the excess acid crocodiles produce in their double chamber stomachs.

Wonderful Wildlife Creepy Crocodiles

By Anna Mansfield of Kaingo and Mwamba Camps in Zambia

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