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Budget Safaris and Tours

Budget Safaris – When one thinks African Safari we automatically think expensive but it is not always so. We have a lot of inexpensive safaris to Africa that won’t break the bank. Granted you will not be staying in the top 5 star lodges and camps, however the accommodations are comfortable and safe and above all you will get to experience Africa as it should be.

We have a number of overland camping, budget and accommodated safaris for you to look at. Most of these a run in small groups and have certain departure dates.

For the Kruger National Park there are daily departures from Johannesburg and the safaris range from camping to classic and budget and then a combination of Kruger and a Private Reserve.

Budget Safaris | Taga Safaris

Budget Safaris | Taga Safaris

Some Budget Safaris for you to look at

Budget Safaris

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