Luxury Safaris to Southern and East Africa

Luxury Safaris – Nowadays going on Safari to Africa no longer means roughing it in the wild. Over the last decade the safari lodges and camps have evolved into 5 star resorts with ensuite facilities, air-conditioning, spas and even star beds to name a few. Yes, if you are looking to rough it there are still some operators offering camping safaris but on the whole a vast majority of lodges and camps can rival the best 5 star hotels in the world.

The safari experience itself has not changed at all as the environment is exactly the same as it was thousands of years ago. When you leave the lodge or camp on your game drive or other activity you are back in wild Africa and this is afterall what you came to experience.

In today’s modern world most lodges and camps have cellphone and internet coverage but this is very soon forgotten once you are out exploring the wilds of Africa. So in all essence the term Luxury Safaris only pertains to the accommodations whilst the safari itself remains the same.

Below are some suggested Itineraries for you to look at and remember these can be Tailored to you preference.

Luxury Safaris

Some Luxury Safaris for you to look at

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