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Ultimate Africa – Going on a Safari to Africa can be a very daunting choice as most folks perceive it as a “Once in a Lifetime” trip. Africa is an extremely diverse continent with a myriad of eco systems each offering the guest a unique experience. Most folks come to Africa over a 2 or 3 week time span so what to do and see in this time frame. Where do we go for that magic African Experience. One thing is for sure and we have seen it over the years we have been creating Ultimate Africa Safaris for our guests, and that is, You will fall in Love with Africa and you will be back. We have seen it time and time again with some of our loyal guests having done between 20 and 30 safaris since 1994.

However if this is your first time to Africa and you are looking for that Ultimate Africa Experience then look at some of the suggested trips below which we know will give you some of the Best that Africa has to offer.

Remember, Africa is a huge continent and it cannot all be done in a single visit, so rather focus on either East Africa or Southern Africa and spend good quality time in the areas you visit instead of continuously being on the move trying to take in as much as possible.

These Ultimate Africa Safaris can be tailormade to suit you so check them out and then let us creat your personal African Experience.

Ultimate Africa Safaris

Some Ultimate Africa Safaris for you to look at

Ultimate Africa Safaris and Tours