Savute under Canvas in the Savuti Channel

Savute under Canvas

Savute under Canvas. Explore the unique and haunting Savute landscape, with its enigmatic Savute Channel.

Savute under Canvas
Savute under Canvas
Savute under Canvas
Savute under Canvas
Savute under Canvas
Savute under Canvas
Savute under Canvas

At Savute Under Canvas, luxury mobile safari tents with ensuite bathrooms (with flush w.c. and steaming hot bucket shower) are positioned at secluded sites in a remote and wild corner of Chobe National Park. Spend nights under canvas close to nature in the landscape of the African night.

Carefully positioned as close as possible to the resident game, enjoy the simplicity of camping in one of the top wildlife areas in the world.

The Camp

Camps move to a different site every five or six days. This is a true African experience, with campsites in remote areas where guests can expect to see few other people or vehicles.

Green shadows on the walls of your tent, faint birdsong filtering through the trees and the sweet fragrance of morning dew on bush vegetation welcome each new day. Steaming hot water in your ensuite bathroom’s bucket shower refreshes and revitalises for the day ahead. Shady veranda areas offer a vantage point to enjoy the smaller details of riverside life. Crispy linens and a spacious double bed welcome weary bodies after a long day of discovery.

Savute Under Canvas remote campsites in the pristine game reserve form a setting for five ensuite safari tents, combining the natural beauty of the breathtaking setting with comfort and personalised service. Night time noises filter through canvas walls, exposing guests to the mystique and mystery of Africa after nightfall.

Tented guest areas create shady spaces to relax in the heat of the day or share a drink with friends in the evening hours, as dishes full of flavour find their way to dining tables. Sated, draw your chair closer to the fire as talk and laughter merge into the starry night, swapping stories meant to last a lifetime.

Game Viewing

Savute is particularly well known for its high concentration of lion, as well as for its dramatic predator interactions. The Savute lions are famed for having adapted to hunting elephant, not generally considered common prey for these cats. A power struggle for the position of dominant predator has also been documented between the lions and the area’s large clans of hyena. The African wild dog, one of the continent’s most endangered carnivores, also thrives in the area.

Like the remainder of the Chobe National Park, Savute has large numbers of elephant, which are attracted to the many artificial water sources. During the drier season, elephant bulls dominate the water holes, while breeding herds may move to areas where water is more readily found.

Such herds rely upon their matriarch to lead them to the best feeding and water sites, with individuals seldom straying from each other and ready to come to the aid of a family member who is in trouble.

The region is also rich in antelope, with common species such as impala and kudu encountered alongside giants such as the eland. Waterbuck may be spotted in areas with thicker vegetation, and guests may be lucky enough to catch sight of the aristocratic line of the roan and the sable.


Game viewing in Savute is remote and wild. Savute is a famous battleground for lions and spotted hyena, and with grazing now plentiful, guests can now also enjoy frequent sightings of zebra, wildebeest, buffalo, giraffe, tsessebe and kudu. &Beyond’s professionally trained guides will ask you about your favourite wildlife and will do their best to ensure that your preferences are met, whether it is tracking a particular species or spending more time enjoying each sighting and getting to know the habits of the animals. They will also tell you about the vegetation of the region and will explain the behaviour of the animals that you come across. In some cases, the guides will be able to identify individual animals and let you know about their history and habits.

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