Matusadona National Park in Zimbabwe

Situated on the southern shores of Lake Kariba, Matusadona National Park is a place of remarkable beauty, where scenic landscapes range from flat plains to rugged mountains.

One of several protected wildlife areas on the shores of the Lake, Matusadona is bounded on the west by the Ume River and on the east by the Sanyati River. Remote and isolated, the park receives fewer tourist numbers and provides an exclusive game viewing experience. Well known for its large herds of buffalo, they frequently congregate along the shoreline in the dry season.

Other frequently encountered wildlife includes elephant and hippo, as well as waterbuck, sable and roan antelope. The reserve is also rich in birdlife, with many species of herons, storks, plovers, bee-eaters and geese, as well as the ubiquitous fish eagle, inhabiting the river banks.

Animals found in abundance include elephant and buffalo.

Why Visit

  • Matusadona National Park is situated on the shores of Lake Kariba
  • The Park comprises some 1,400 square kilometers of diverse flora and fauna.
  • The grass found on the shoreline is a rejuvenative grass – needing only fluctuating lake levels to replenish its nutrients. With this ready food source, buffalo, waterbuck, zebra, and even impala have thrived and with them the predators.
  • Matusadona is an Intensive Protection Zone (IPZ) and home to several relocated rhino.
  • Animal species are found in abundance.
  • Excellent bird watching.


Min 14°C/58°F Max 38°C/86°F

Min 5°C/41°F Max 20°C/68°F

Matusadona National Park Map

Matusadona National Park